The contributors and/or representatives have authorised the ISSMGE to upload their contribution to the ISSMGE Time Capsule project to the ISSMGE website.

While the contributions are from individuals, committees and organisations associated with ISSMGE, the views expressed are those of the individuals, committees and organisations and do not necessarily represent the views or policies of ISSMGE.

The Role of Discoverer Reports

The ISSMGE Time Capsule project was launched in 2022, at the Sydney international conference. At this time, four ISSMGE individual members tested the Discoverer concept, and their Discoverer reports now form part of the Heritage Time Capsule (HTC) project.

Between Jan and May 2024, we are seeking the leadership and help of YMPG liaisons having access to the dedicated HTC Website (under development), to create further Discoverer reports. Discoverer reports will be assigned to one or more of categories (to be announced) both to help guide the Discoverers in their reporting task, and for ease of reference.

We expect the HTC website and the Discoverer reports created by the YMPG liaisons to inspire the 20,000+ individual members of the ISSMGE to create a larger number of Discoverer reports, for display on the HTC website, and for promotion in the social media.

We believe the creation and promotion of a large number of Discoverer reports, will both increase the visibility of the HTC Website, as well as help increase the visibility of the geotechnical profession, and its contribution to the wellbeing and security of society.

Become a discoverer

The discoverer will prepare a brief report for storing and sharing on the HTC website. The emphasis of the report is to shine a spotlight on the chosen HTC contribution (s) or parts thereof, and bring the HTC contributions to the reader’s attention. The Discoverer’s report can be a brief note, video, audio, or other forms able to be stored and displayed online. Following are the nominal guidelines in terms of length, and while brevity is valued, greater lengths will be considered on their merit.

The format of the Discoverer's feedback can be a form of article, video, audio, or other forms able to be stored and displayed online, with general guideline lengths for:

  • Word document - up to 1,000 words,
  • Video - up to 3 min length
  • PowerPoint presentation - up to 8 slides

A Discoverer is required to be an individual member of the ISSMGE. Individual members can prepare team submissions, provided a lead author is nominated.

The Discoverer's report should,

  • state, in the beginning, the Member Society the Discoverer is affiliated with,
  • identify, in the beginning, which HTC contributions i.e. Member Societies, Technical Committees, Past Presidents, etc, that are selected for the report,
  • be complete and self-contained, and presented in a suitable fashion for review,
  • carefully identify what parts of the report are drawn from the HTC contributions, and what parts are their own insights, thoughts and comments, and,
  • not include material external to the HTC contributions that may be subject to copyright or other restrictions from publication.


The contact tab on the ISSMGE HTC web site can be used to contact the HTC Team with your questions and thoughts about preparation and submission of the HTC Discoverer reports.

Your message will be sent to the HTC Project administrators. We look forward to hearing from you.

Discoverers Reports

Name Member Society Report Cases
Asal Bidarmaghz Australian Geomechanics Society Austrian Geotechnical Society, French Committee for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnics, TC103 on Numerical Methods in Geomechanics View Report
Choo Siung Chung Malaysian Geotechnical Society Le Comité Français de Mécanique des Sols et de Géotechnique, Hellenic Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, The Canadian Geotechnical Society View Report
Monica Löfman Finnish Geotechnical Society Macedonian Association for Geotechnics, TC101 Laboratory Testing View Report
Sonia H. M. Marques Sociedade Portuguesa de Geotecnia Sociedad Colombiana de Geotecnia, Canadian Geotechnical Society, TC304 Risk View Report

HTC Sessions

Africa Africa region HTC Activity Update Report View Report
Asia HTC ISSMGE Bulletin article in Vol 17, Issue 1, Feb 2023 View Report
Asia Asia region HTC Activity Update Report View Report
Australasia ISSMGE HTC Project Session at 14th ANZ Conference on Geomechanics View Report
Australasia From the ground up, Eleni Gkeli, MEngNZ
This article first appeared in the December 2023 edition of Engineering New Zealand’s EG magazine.
View Report
Australasia NZ Geomechanics News, Bulletin of the New Zealand Geotechnical Society, December 2023, Issue 6 View Report
Australasia Australasia region HTC Activity Update Report View Report
Europe Europe region HTC Activity Update Report View Report
North America North America region HTC Activity Update Report View Report
South America South America region HTC Activity Update Report View Report

Background Materials

PRESIDENT 1370 DAYS REPORT - Time Capsule and PRC

work by Jean-Louis Briaud , past president 2009 to 2013

(ISSMGE Bulletin: Volume 7, Issue 4 Page 16)

View Report

75th year anniversary ISSMGE Bulletin publication

(ISSMGE Bulletin, Vol 7, Issue 5, September 2013)

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